TTTool - Time Tracking Tool

What is TTTool?

TTTool is a set of command-line tools for time-tracking. Using this it's possible to tell when you start executing tasks, when you stop them and then generate a report of how many time you spent on which one.

It's going to grow, but that was the features that motivated me to start this project. And even when the feature list grows, the first and most important feature must be maintained: it must be simple.

What it's not?

TTTool is not an advanced project management tool, and I'm not planning to change it. If it's what you want, there must be a lot of options.

OK, so how to use it?

It's pretty simple. Take a look:

Starting a task:
$ ttstart 'Here I describe my task'

Stoping the running task:
$ ttstop

Listing the time spent in the tasks:
$ ttreport
-- 31-6-2008 --
[00h 01min 27s] Here I describe my task

How can I download it?

The project files are hosted in
You can checkout the files using anonymous CVS. Supposing you have CVS installed, just type in a console:
cvs login

Can I request features?

You can request features as well as report bugs on the Project Page.

Keep in mind that this software is on an early stage, so it's very incomplete. Logo